22.01 2019

To be a tourist and a woman : advice and tips

Woman tourist
Photo To be a tourist and a woman : advice and tips

It is not easy to stay feminine and to be a tourist during your holidays. Makeup, clothing, accessories, various products for the face and body.

Everything must be thought of even the smallest details such as medicines in case of an illness, for manicure and pedicure. The real key to being a visitor and a woman is easy. Preparation before the trip, even a few weeks ahead of your departure, so as not to forget anything and also to have only what is necessary.

Tips and tricks to be both a woman and a tourist

Apart from a good organization, there are other points to know and techniques for everything to go well during your stay. Being a woman does not necessarily mean wearing long-term, sexy clothes or makeup daily.

Your lifestyle and habits can define your femininity and personality. Nevertheless, you can keep your habits and satisfy your quirks during your holidays by following these few tips: 

  • Bring only what is essential to travel light and to avoid packing unnecessary things. 
  • Plan your daily program so that you won't miss the must-see sites and the best opportunities. 
  • Always be yourself and enjoy every moment even if it does not go as planned 
  • Wear outfits that make you feel comfortable  
  • Take time for yourself: for massages, shopping, discovering new flavors, movie nights. 
  • Rely on your instinct: it is often said that a woman has an instinct that has never lied to herself. If you think that something is not right for you, do not hesitate to say no or not to go for your safety and the good of others. On the other hand, you have to relax, a holiday is used to help you unwind. If you forgot something, try to stay calm and find a solution.

Other tips and precisions to make your daily life easier

Adapt yourself to the situation in your vacation spot. Learn to appreciate every moment. For your hygiene, opt for a solid soap or a nourishing shower gel to continuously moisturize your skin and protect it from all kinds of aggression.

For your face or body treatment, take a moisturizing treatment that can be a base for makeup at the same time. A product for face scrub and whole body is also recommended. Speaking of makeup, opt for a light makeup, choose nude colors and a light foundation.

In addition, plan your daily activities in order to have everything ready before leaving your hotel. Make sure to bring your sunglasses, your swimming goggles, sun cream or sun lotion, baskets, and other necessary items.

Getting much information about the values and customs of the destination country is important because the culture of a country defines its identity. Maybe there are women's clothes that cannot be worn or have a bad meaning in some countries. In this case, in order to have a better picture and also to stay comfortable, just wear classic clothes that you used to put on.

Let a professional help you

As is often said, combining one's femininity with being a visitor to a new country is not an easy task. To help you plan and organize your program, you can find out about eDreams. This online travel site will bring you all the necessary information. eDreams will also offer tips and advice through their experiences and collaboration with many providers.